About Me

Music composer & Singer/songwriter

Haoyue is a singer/songwriter and film/TV music composer based in Perth, Australia. 

As a child, Haoyue loved pop music from both Asian and Western worlds. Her parents bought a piano for her which she started learning from four years old. However, her favourite music instrument is her voice. When karaoke machine was out, she would just sing karaoke by herself for hours on end. 

Her music study took her to US where a magnitude of musical genres opened up to her. She fell in love with electronic and R&B music and started listening to artists like Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Zero 7 and others.

The venture into film/TV composition world gave Haoyue opportunities to  strengthen her production skills and create unique Asian pop/traditional tunes which were used in well-known shows such as "Modern Family", "The Blacklist", and many more. 

After taking a break from her artist pursuit, Haoyue's prepared to return to her work this year, as she embraces her new beginning on the beautiful west coast of Australia.

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