1. 05. China Doll

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Written by: Bae(Hao-Yue) Kuang / Annie Fann
Performed by: Bae(Hao-Yue) Kuang, Christian Klikovits, Tim Mcintyre, Alex Machack & Michael Saucier
Arrangement: Christian Klikovits
Recording & Mixing: AJ Olivera
Mastering: Dave Collins


China Doll

Written by Bae Kuang & Annie Fann

I have seen too much
Up here on your shelf
Watching you walk 'round the masses
Keeping to yourself

I have heard too much
Sitting here above the crowd
Even in this airtight lockdown
I hear you above the sounds

And I've been watching you all of this time
Without the nerve to even speak up and say hello 
I'm always freezing up 
And I've been waiting for you all this time
I'm like the china doll that stays awake when you sleep
Just wishing, that you would wake up and see

Me, I know too much
I know you don't know enough
So you keep me here with all the other 
dolls who want your love.