From the recording These Darling Wings

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Written by: Bae(Hao-Yue) Kuang / Annie Fann
Performed by: Bae(Hao-Yue) Kuang, Christian Klikovits, Tim Mcintyre & Michael Saucier
Arrangement: Christian Klikovits
Recording & Mixing: AJ Olivera
Mastering: Dave Collins


Smoke Trails

Written by: Bae Kuang & Annie Fann

Am I sleeping yet?

Am I dreaming yet?

I could, have sworn that after

Where we kissed on the lips tonight,

You left me your goodbye

Do I love you yet?

Do I need you yet?

All I, know is after

Where your touch lingered on tonight,

Is where my thoughts reside

Try as I may, still,

I can't shake you

Your grip is firm, 

And undeniably true

Me and your finger, you've got

me wrapped up tight

While you float off,

Like smoke trails in the night

Do you miss me yet?

Do you want me yet?

One day, maybe after

You fall head over heels can I

Be yours, like you've been mine